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So…we hear the Lakeside Players are washed up”. This statement was heard recently in town. 
Please hear us roar…” The Kaatza Lakeside Players are definitely NOT washed up!” 
In early January there was some tentative discussion at the board level to disband the Society.  We are excited to tell you that the idea to disband has been dropped and the Players are now focused on redirecting our time and energies toward a healthy and creative future of continued good theatre experiences for and by all ages in our community and surrounding areas, as we have done for the past 30 years. 
With a new Production Planning Committee in place, we have plans to be offering Open Auditions for another great family production (- as The Wizard of Oz was) by this coming fall. Watch for more news on that very soon. 
With new Board President Brandon De Pol and an infusion of enthusiasm and positive ideas we are determined to be able once again to provide a theatrical outlet for all ages in and of our community. Unfortunately there won’t be a spring ’15 production and instead we will be putting all of our efforts into rebuilding our mandate back up to its former status as well as some serious fund raising and positive marketing. As usual, the Players continue to offer our Technical Support and use of our equipment for other non-profit groups’ special events. Currently, we are assisting the Lady if the Lake Society with tech for Opportunity Night and the Lady of the Lake Ball as well as the Chamber of Commerce with their upcoming Spring Fling.
So please note that the Kaatza Lakeside Players are alive and well and although the road has challenged us with some hurdles recently we are by no means finished. There are plays to enjoy, to help with, friends to share with and celebrations yet to be had on and off the stage for years to come with the Lakeside Players. We are always open to new ideas and new people to join in the fun. For more info on the Players please check us out on line. We welcome your input. 

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Sptember 2012 Edition

»    Backstage... theatre with a twist

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 May 2012 Edtion

»  Learn about the characters of Mending Fences

 April 2012 Edition

»    Meet the people behind the scenes of Mending Fences & learn what they do to make a play happen

March 2012 Edition

»    Meet the cast of Mending Fences 

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Special Production Edition
March—May 2010;

»    Production information
»    Cast members
»    Ways you can support

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APRIL 2009 - In this issue;

»    Artistic Directors report
»    Teens speak out
»    Do you want to be in Theatre
»    President’s message
»    Community Theatre
»    Membership

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SEPTEMBER 2008 - In this issue;

»    Robert Fulgham Playwright
»    Join the Fun
»    Artistic Director’s Cues
»    Tech Report

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SPRING / SUMMER 2007- In this issue;

»    Presidents Message
»    Artistic Director – Newsletter Report
»    Are you interested
»    Upcoming Production - "Dear Santa"

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